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Pentamino, Inc. creates premium mobile apps for businesses and individuals worldwide.

Pentamino, Inc. envision the emerging opportunities in mobile marketing. Right now we are at the verge of Mobile Apps tidal wave use for small businesses. Are you a small business owner? Did you upgrade your marketing with mobile apps, yet? Or you are still desperately paying for old-fashioned non-profitable expensive marketing hoping to bring in any customer? Will you jump on this train, or will you miss it again? One thing is sure, marketing is changing, faster than ever before. If you have no Internet presence, for sure you are struggling to survive. But, just to have Internet page is not enough. Worldwide number of mobile devices just surpassed number of people on Earth. Mobile revolution is the fastest industrial revolution ever. Marketing is shifting from Internet to Mobile Apps right now. Are you missing to cash in on that fantastic opportunity? The early bird gets the worm! Pentamino, Inc. offers you a chance to step up your marketing. We specialize in providing quality Mobile Apps to Small Business Owners in today’s fast changing technology driven market. Our apps help small businesses gain new customers and improve interactive relationship with existing customers. Mobile Applications are the newest fad on the market. Small businesses can afford them now because price recently went down.  Pentamino, inc. makes affordable top Mobile Applications for small and medium businesses with a very short time to market cycle. Particularly, we provide mobile apps with patented inventive twist in order to increase market penetration and grant our customers guaranteed increased market share. In other words, we over deliver it. We can work with any business anywhere around the world. We can build Android and iOS mobile app for you and have them published in Google Play within a couple of days. If you already have Internet page, we can build Mobile App faster and cheaper. If you have no Internet page for your business yet, we can build your Internet presence as well. You will get a discount if you have Pentamino, Inc. build both Mobile App and Internet page for you. Internet pages and Mobile Apps compliment each other and work brilliantly together to increase your market penetration. The benefits of mobile app for your small business are:

  • people virally spreading your business
  • obtaining new clients every day with no cost to you
  • growing your business while you sleep
  • keeping your existing customers
  • improve communication with your existing customers

In short, mobile applications are marketing and utility smart phones tools designed to increase your revenue. Do you have a mobile app for your business? No? Please, contact us immediately! You will grab and ride your opportunity into a better future with us.

Pentamino, Inc. also produces compelling copyrighted and patented Pentamino games that are extremely dynamic and based on 5 tetromino and 12 pentomino shapes. Dr. Solomon Wolf Golomb invented polyominoes, including pentominoes and tetrominoes, during the spring and summer of 1953, and he gave a talk, titled “Checker Boards and Polyominoes” to the Harvard Mathematics Club during Fall, 1953. The talk was well-attended by Harvard students and faculty, and Dr. Solomon W. Golomb was awarded the “Rogers Prize” in mathematics, for the best talk of the year (1953-54) to the Harvard Math Club. After the talk, a writeup of the talk submitted to the American Mathematical Monthly was published by the Mathematical Association of America and it appeared as the first article in the December, 1954, issue (an unusually rapid turn-around between submission and publication). Dr. Solomon W. Golomb used sets of pentominoes with a matching board for use as both a puzzle and a competitive game. His book “Polyominoes” was published by Charles Scribner and Sons in 1965, and it was a “Library of Science Book Club” selection. There was a British edition (published by George Allen and Unwin), and the Russian translation appeared in the Soviet Union very soon afterward. It was reading the Russian translation that inspired a young Russian, Alexey Leonidovich Pajitnov, to invent Tetris® (based on tetrominoes) in 1985.

There are numerous pentomino games you can find on Internet and as board, computer and games for mobiles. Pentamino, Inc patented Pentamino games are based on tetrominoes, pentominoes, US Patent 6,352,475, US patent 6,579,177, and other patent pending applications in US and worldwide. In a quest for fast and user friendly games, Pentamino, Inc. created Pentamino games that are because of implemented IPR very dynamic and different from pentomino games. Therefore, Pentamino games should not be confused with pentomino games, especially that Pentamino, Inc. poses registered “Pentamino” copyright, trademark, patents, brand etc…


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